Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Markets Days

Panoramic View of the Piazza Giacomo Matteotti
Almost every Italian town has at least one market day. On that day vendors set up stalls and sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, as well as plants, clothing and kitchen appliances.

Our town has two market days. The big one is on Wednesday. Most of the food portion is located in the main piazza, Giacomo Matteotti and then trails toward the east with cheese trucks, porchetta (roasted pig) trucks, a large candy stand, and a couple of hand-made jewelry stalls. At the end of this section, you cross a pedestrian bridge and end up between several streets filled with clothing, linens, leather goods, and many other knick-knacks. It is always busy.

Mike purchasing some grapes.
My routine is to buy fresh fruit (always at least one cantaloupe) and some tomatoes, and then get two sandwiches from the porchetta truck. We tend to visit the same vendors each time. I then check out the bakery which is two streets over and look in on the English book store. This place is only open on market days and gives all their money to the local animal shelter. The books are used and cost one euro but I have found some hidden treasures.
Out local bakery
The market is ready to go around 9:00 and stays up until 1:00. You must have cash as no vendor accepts credit cards. The ATM is in the piazza so this is not a problem.
Mike finally purchased a man purse (or murse) as he calls it to carry essentials.
The towns close by have their own market day on other days so if you were to miss the Wednesday market you could just choose another town.

The cafes in the piazza stay open and arrange their tables around the market so one can have a coffee and greet friends in addition to shopping.

Saturday's market is much smaller, just in the piazza, and features food and items made in the region. So far this year much of it has been local vegetables but you can also buy olive oil, honey, pastries, porchetta, and ceramics.
Saturday Market

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